The Way to Happiness

February 12, 2007

The Way to Happiness Foundations's Building in Glendale

We live in a world of immorality and rising criminality. We feel the repercussions of this on a daily basis.

Employee theft causes one-third of all bankruptcies and costs employers $1 billion a year. Insurance fraud exceeds $80 billion annually from faked accidents, injuries and illnesses. These are only a sampling of a broader cultural situation—soaring crime, intolerance and hate, corporate greed and corruption, Internet pornography and disintegrating families.

At the root of all is a loss of basic morals and values that would make a decent culture possible.

Reversing the decline and restoring to Man his integrity and trust is The Way to Happiness—the first moral code based wholly on common sense.

Discover how you can use this miraculous yet simple booklet to raise moral standards around you and help others to live better lives. (find out more >)



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